Welcome to DFSK!

Dorking Freestyle Sport Karate (DFSK) is an independent, and not-for-profit karate club which has been based at North Holmwood Village Hall since 1993; making 2020 its 27th Anniversary year! DFSK is aimed at competitive fighting for men, women, and children and welcomes members from the ages of 5+ to any of its weekly training sessions.

The Club was originally founded by three instructors who trained to black belt under several traditional styles including Wadoryu, Taekwondo, Judo, Freestyle and Tai Chi. Their wide knowledge and experiences have proved a good base on which to build a very successful and well-respected club. We are proud of our friendly atmosphere: so don't worry if it's your first time in a martial arts class - our instructors will make you feel at home.

Class Structure

Kickboxing & Freestyle Martial Arts both provide many different areas and types of training to improve the human mind and body. Strength, flexibility, coordination, weight loss and self confidence are just some of the areas we can help with. Exercise doesn't have to be regimented or repetitive. All classes have something different to teach every week from hand to hand, to kicking and punching, fitness, stretching, rounds, sparring, bag training & pad work etc. Fitness will come without you realizing it. We have motivating instructors who will push you but also inspire you to achieve your best.

Classes offer the following benefits: